Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 2 Recap

We had a small turnout on what threatened to be a rainy and windy evening. There were a total of 25 players. For the most part, we stayed pretty dry. There was wind, but not as bad as week one.

There were no aces, so the ace pot grows to $56.00 and the Rainy Day Games first ace bounty remains unclaimed. The secret ace was hole 6.

Luis Nava won a Champion Roadrunner, patch, mini, and sticker donated by Stumptown Disc Golf on the hole 4 CTP. Chris Graham donated two Innova marker discs which were claimed by Shannon Helser on hole 5. Tim Price donated a 10 M Brick (putter) which was claimed by Matt Gilispie who canned the longest putt on hole 2.

The Next Adventure Secret Score was +5, and was unclaimed this week.

Results for week 2:

Scott Hill/Steven Parisio -14
Craig Falkowski/James McMillan -11
Luis Nava/Matt Schroeder -11
Dave Celment/Gerald Blume -11
Will Odom/Dan Yahnke -10
David Zimmerman/Albert Ricker -9
Chris Graham/Cameron Lawrence -7
Shanon Helser/Kent Smothers -7
Josh Jennings/Darin McCoy -6
Kevin Brito/Matthew Hill -6
Matt Gilespie/Rebecca Verrette -6
Tim McDill (Cali) -5
Alex Lind/Mike Kaufman - 4

This blog isn't the greatest for formatting, so I'm going to hold off on season standings until I find something better. I hope to have something in place within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks to our sponsors Next Adventure, Rainy Day Games, Stumptown Disc Golf Club, Chris Graham, and Tim Price. Thanks also to everyone who made it out this week. See you next week!

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